About us

Automatic Ads Retargeting Across Every Channel

Our AI identifies the highest value customers and retargets them across channels like Facebook and Google. On average, users targeted through we are 7x more likely to convert, and 3x more valuable in conversion revenue.

Solutions for every client

Every client is unique. Our AI technology can be tailored to each of your projects, all without the need for technical integration. Some examples:
・Omnichannel Personalization
・Content Recommendations
・AI-powered Advertising
・Predictive Analytics
・Dynamic Pricing

Greater Campaign ROI

Instantly build audiences based on the best customers, boosting revenue at lower advertising spend. Agencies using we have captured 98% of all converting customers at only half of the cost normally required.

World-class AI Set Up in Minutes

We provides the latest deep learning and neural network capabilities, without the need for an in-house engineering team. Our software is easily set up within 15 minutes and provides dramatic results in just days.

Make your customers smile | the story from our customer

Solving your customers' problems is great, but if you really want to succeed, aim higher. Solve problems in a way that makes them smile.

Glasses company Warby Parker kept receiving customer inquiries via Twitter, and knew they couldn't answer complicated questions in 140 characters.

Instead they started a YouTube channel called WarbyParkerHelp. They asked employees to create videos answering common questions. The videos were fun, informational, and extremely well-received by their customers.

Warby Parker could've come up with an FAQ or blog article. But the effect wouldn't have nearly been the same.

Here are some ideas to apply to your own company:

While your customers are waiting to chat with a rep, make the wait less painful by showing them something interesting, like a fun image or GIF.
Compliment your customers whenever possible. For example: “Thanks for being so articulate when describing the problem, you've made my job a lot easier”. Reference past conversations. For example: “I know you're calling to ask about something else today, but before we hang up, I wanted to check in on problem XYZ you asked about 3 months back. Has everything been resolved?”

And imagin if AI replies automatically to the customers fully personalized chat like above.